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Property Management

Stradbroke Property Management

Discover Stradbroke is Straddies #1 Stradbroke Property Management company. We aim to bring a new vision to Stradbroke Property Management, with a clear focus on outcomes for both our owners and our guests to the island.

We utilise the latest in website technology, and a systemised property management approach which includes a transparent owner portal.

Discover “in-house’ Housekeepers will maintain the highest standards in your property. We understand that your holiday rental is both a significant investment and also your own home away from home.

“As a property owner on Straddie myself, I understand that Stradbroke Property Management can be a daunting prospect.” says Discover’s Principal, Colin Battersby. “We focus on setting a high standard in both property management and in our guest services. Also, taking control of and responsibility for the housekeeping functions, means we can offer a total end to end holiday experience for our guests to Straddie.”

Property Survey

Would you stay the in the same property again?:    9.4/10

Our average cleanliness on arrival rating:   8.2/10

Was our clients expectations met:   9.1/10

Was the property value For Money:   8.1/10

How did our clients rate the Booking Process:   8.6/10

Our Consultants Knowledge of the properties:   9.2/10

Would Recommend us to your friends?:   9.6/10