Welcome to Discover Stradbroke; the most trusted name on Stradbroke Island for Straddie sales and rentals. We’re a full service real estate agency that knows the island’s property market inside out.

Colin Battersby first visited Straddie in the mid-seventies and, after 15 years in the tourism environment of Thredbo, he moved to the island permanently in 2006.
Doplhins at Sunset Amity Point Accommodation
Colin heads our team and together we’ve built up a portfolio of over 80 rental properties under management and we’ve achieved outstanding sales results.

We’ve got the skills and the experience to help our clients find the perfect Straddie rentals for their needs and we offer a holiday letting and management service for private owners and third party managers of privately owned investment property

Giving Clients the Best Choice of Holiday Rentals Stradbroke Island has to Offer

Our Stradbroke Island holiday rental portfolio features some of the most stunning beach houses, cabins and luxury apartments on the entire north and south island. From whale watching towers and plunge pools to fully-equipped kitchens and comfortable living areas, you’ll find all of the amenities and touches of luxury that you’re looking for.

Why choose Discover Stradbroke To Find Your Perfect Amity Point Holiday House?

We’ve an impressive collection of Straddie holiday rentals for our guests to choose from. Just tell us how many people will be in your group and what kind of facilities you’d like to have and we’ll do the rest. Our team can create a customised holiday package just for you and your group.

We’re a customer driven team with a focus on providing the best possible service to our clients so you know you’ll have a great time when you book with Discover.

Property Management Services on Stradbroke Island

If you have holiday rental property on Stradbroke Island that needs to be managed, we will ensure that your investment is maintained to an optimal level and that your guests are kept 100% satisfied with your property.

Work with Discover Stradbroke and we’ll utilise a real time booking management system to streamline the entire process for you. You’ll be able to keep up to date on upcoming bookings and availability, and you’ll have the peace of mind that your property and your guests are looked after to the highest standards.

We can also help with real estate sales and marketing exposure for your property.

Need more info? Get In Touch!

If you’d like more info on any of our services or you’d like to hear more about Stradbroke Island’s hotels and apartments, and other Amity Point accommodation, feel free to reach out to us today as we’d be delighted to help.

Stradbroke Island is a haven just off the Gold Coast and offers so many different kinds of holidays to those that are hoping to escape reality for a while. In terms of offering something particularly unique those that choose Point Lookout accommodation options can expect to find dolphins waiting as well as humpback whales between May and November. Not only will you be living it up in one of the most spectacular and sought after areas on the island, but you will find plenty to enable you to get back to yourself and in touch with nature.
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Amity Point Accommodation on Stradbroke Island

At Discover Stradbroke, we specialise in making our wonderful island accessible to those that travel to it. To this end, we have a wide variety of accommodation options ready to view on our site that will suit all kinds of budgets. Regardless, of whether you want to indulge in a luxurious penthouse, or a beach house overlooking some of the most spectacular white sand beaches on earth, rest assured that we will be able to make that possibility a reality.   

Flinders Beach stretches all the way down to our Amity Point cabins, where you can find one of Australian Traveller Magazine’s top 10 Stayz and Airbnb beach houses. Sure, you’re on an island, but that doesn’t mean that the comforts and the conveniences of the real world don’t apply. All the luxuries and amenities that you are used to are ready and waiting on arrival, and with nature on your doorstep, we guarantee that it will prove difficult to leave this place.

Why It’s Always Worth Taking Time to Get Away

At Discover Stradbroke, we appreciate that life on an island moves a little differently to the mainland. For those that are uncertain as to whether such a short hop break would make any difference, there are a few things worth considering.

First of all, breaking with your normal routine is a great way to help your psychological wellness, and this can promote a greater sense of appreciation for the things that you have and can afford to have. Amity Point on Stradbroke Island is a special place and sinking into that sense of being free and in touch with nature can allow you to focus on what’s important and leave the pressures of the world behind for a time.

We are all increasingly conscious of this trend toward sustained productivity, and so sometimes our hobbies and interests fall by the wayside as we vie to better our professional prospects. A holiday is a great way to get back in touch with those creative impulses and get your adrenaline flowing again.

Amity Point Holiday rentals on Stradbroke Island puts you in touch with nature in a way that few places can. Swimming in the ocean, being in touch with mammals, engaging in sports and consuming fresh produce all revitalise the spirit and ensure that when you return to your regular schedule and commitments, you do so with a renewed sense of self, and perhaps a new and better perspective.

Paradise Across the Waves

At Discover Stradbroke, we encourage those that are considering a vacation in Queensland to look beyond the cities, and for those that already live in the concrete jungle to consider a short ferry ride across the waves onto a paradise landmass that could do more for you than a trip around the world.

For Amity Point cabins on Stradbroke Island look no further than right here at Discover Stradbroke. Our friendly and efficient team are perfectly placed to find you the best deal and secure a holiday that you will remember for a lifetime. Get in touch today!

Discover Stradbroke also offers whale watching apartments, pet friendly accommodation, Stradbroke Island holiday deals & Stradbroke Island beach resorts. We also provide Straddie sales and rentals & Stradbroke Island wedding accommodation.

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