Main Beach in North Stradbroke Island

September 15, 2022

Main Beach in Stradbroke Island is one of Australia’s most beautiful stretches of golden sand. In fact, it’s about as picturesque as a beach can get. Close your eyes and imagine soft sands the colour of crème brûlée, crystal clear turquoise-azure waters and a dolphin or two off the coast and you’ve imagined Main Beach. But there’s more to Main Beach than just the sand. It’s a QLD holiday destination that mixes cosmopolitan area that has the buzz of a city combined with the relaxed attitude of surfer dudes. The historic Main Beach bathing pavilion is the perfect place for a cocktail or two and a spot of people-watching while Teddy Avenue boasts a multitude of restaurants.

Main Beach, North Stradbroke Island: Probably the Most Beautiful Beach in Australia

Main Beach is so called because it’s the main beach on Minjerribah or North Stradbroke Island and its name probably came about because it’s over 30 kilometres in length stretching from Port Lookout (Moolomba) to Jumpinpin at the southern end of the island. As you can imagine, with such a stretch of coastline and sand, there is a multitude of beach-style activities to keep you occupied, ranging from surfing and whale watching to beach-side camping and fishing.

All the Fun of the Waves at Main Beach on Stradbroke Island

Main Beach is extremely popular with surfers and for good reason. It has good breaks over the outer bar and the northern rip channel provides easy access. Surfing conditions are variable, and you should always check before you enter the water. However, this perfect surfing water means it comes with deep rip channels that can make swimming and other water-based activities dangerous.

If you fancy a swim in the waters off Main Beach in Straddie, it’s advisable to restrict your swimming to the patrolled areas between the red and yellow flags and stay well away from the strong northern rip. And when the weather is calmer, you can take to the water to try scuba diving or snorkelling at some of the best dive sites.

Fishing in the crystal-clear waters is another favourite activity for visitors to Main Beach in North Stradbroke Island. There’s vehicle access at Point Lookout Stradbroke Beach Access or Causeway Beach access.

If you love stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking, you’ll find clear freshwater lakes at the Keyholes at the northern end of the swamp. It will take you about an hour to walk there along the beach and over the dunes, but it’s well worth the walk.

If you can’t be parted from your canine friend, you can take your dog on the sand here at Main Beach Stradbroke Island, but you’ll need to keep it on a leash at all times, especially as kangaroos are also regular visitors to the beach. Check out here if you want to know more about pet friendly beach accomodation.

You’ll Never Get Tired of Main Beach in Straddie

With such an iconic beach to enjoy, we’re sure you’ll never tire of beach life on Main Beach, Straddie. But there are so many other wonderful places to see and sights to take in. And where better to do it than from the start of the North Gorge walk? Up here, you’ll get to see a panoramic view of the stunning beaches from the cliff tops, and if you’re extra lucky, you may even spot a pod of dolphins or a whale or two offshore! Also, check out our whale watching resort in Stradbroke Island.

So, if you’re paying a visit, be sure to put Main Beach in North Stradnroke Island right at the top of your list of places to visit. You won’t be disappointed.

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