Flinders Beach faces northeast to east, with accommodation on Stradbroke Island. You can access it by vehicle, and it’s known for exhilarating water-sports activity. Surfing, windsurfing, kayaking and so much more!

Flinders Beach is secluded giving it the feel of the ultimate escape from the daily stresses of modern mainland life. Flinders Beach holiday accommodation is available to make your dreams of the holiday of a lifetime a reality.

Flinders Beach Holiday Rentals – Stradbroke Island

Whether your dream holiday is full of white knuckles and adrenaline, or whether you prefer to slow it right down and take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy a slice of nature in Stradbroke Island resorts is up to you. Discover Stradbroke is here to help you create the ideal holiday package and choose the best accommodation for your needs.

Flinders Beach accommodation on Stradbroke Island comes in many shapes and sizes. From the cosy apartment for the newlyweds to a grandiose villa for the whole family. Each holiday home will welcome you with open arms and give you a home away from home while you explore our beautiful Island.

Flinders Beach Hotel Facilities on Stradbroke Island

Many of our accommodations will offer the basics such as linen and towels. The kitchens often come supplied with the utensils and appliances you’ll need to ensure you won’t want for anything while you visit.

And to help you feel extremely relaxed and worry-free at Flinders Beach, many accommodation on Stradbroke Island are pet friendly. There’s no need to leave your pet behind – we know how much your dogs want to run wild and free on those kilometres-long stretches of sandy beach!

Take the opportunity to embrace the unique wildlife and water activities at Flinders Beach. There’s nowhere else on Earth like Stradbroke Island. There’s something here for everyone. It’s truly an amazing place and you deserve to have memories here that you can cherish for many years to come.

If you visit Flinders Beach while staying at a hotel closer to central Stradbroke Island, you might be interested in trying the camping facilities. Camping at Flinders Point is only in predetermined areas, and you’ll have an amazing experience camping beneath the stars in a secluded location.

Choosing Flinders Beach Accommodation with Discover Stradbroke

Flinders Beach holiday accommodation on Stradbroke Island aims to make your stay as peaceful and as trouble-free as possible. So, if you have any requests, Discover Stradbroke will be delighted to help.

Come see our little slice of paradise for yourself. Wake up to the sound of the ocean. Watch the sunset without city light pollution. Flinders Beach is a place to reconnect with nature and will rejuvenate your mind and body.

To check out the Flinders beach hotel in Stradbroke island that’s available, you can find them on our website on the navigation menu or by using the search function. Alternatively, feel free to call Discover Stradbroke for a chat about your perfect holiday and how we can help meet your needs. We also offer accommodation in North Stradbroke Island to watch Dolphins. Every holiday is unique and we’re here to ensure yours is the perfect holiday for you.

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