The variety of Stradbroke Restaurants may be small but the quality of the main fare, fresh local seafood, is astonishing. With some Stradbroke Restaurants sourcing their seafood offerings straight from the indigenous island fisherman, including Straddie based trawlers, the seafood is as fresh as it gets anywhere in the world.

Couple the abundant seafood available year round, with the pristine water quality and the variety available, eating out at Stradbroke Restaurants a highlight of your visit to the island.

Point Lookout

The main Stradbroke Restaurant precinct is at Point Lookout situated on the eastern most tip of the island, where there are a small number restaurants and cafes.

Fishes at The Point, 15 Mooloomba Road 07 3415 3444

Offering a variety of weekly dinner specials and an awesome breakfast and lunch menu, Fishes Cafe is open 7 days a week and is the ultimate stop for a fresh seafood meal!

Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel, 158 East Coast Road  07 3409 8188

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with one of Australia’s greatest ocean views.

Blue Room Cafe, Mintee Street

Beachy cafe take away only breakfast and lunch until 2pm.

Point Lookout Bowls Club, Dickson Way 07 3409 8182



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