Point Lookout has long been regarded as one of the best places on the east coast to observe the annual Humpback Whale migration. Dr Olaf Meynecke, a renowned marine biologist from Humpbacks and Highrises, has a soft spot for Straddie as a popular research zone with more than 10,000 whales passing by Point Lookout each year between May and November!

Whale watching is one of the favourite winter pastimes at North Stradbroke Island, with humpback whales visible from a number of vantage points at Point Lookout. On the North Gorge Walk excellent views are obtained from Norm’s Seat and above Whale Rock; while at the Frenchman’s Bay end of Bambara street and Timbin Road, elevated timber platforms have been provided giving views over Boat Rock and The Group rocks just offshore.

  • The whale watching season starts with the first whale sightings in late May each year when the whales are moving north and lasts until early November when the whales return to their Antarctic home with their young in tow.
  • Approximately 18,000 whales migrate each season between Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef. A variety of species including Humpbacks, Southern Wright and sometimes Blue Whales pass close by Point Lookout on the way to their Hervey Bay and Whitsunday breeding grounds.
  • Point Lookout is the perfect place for land based whale watching – there’s no need to go on a boat. The whales are often only a few hundred metres off the point and can be easily seen breaching and slapping the water with their fins and tails.
  • A great way to watch the whales and all the other abundant marine life around Straddie including dolphins and turtles is to ride or walk the Discover Stradbroke Whale Trail. You can grab some lunch at Fishes at the Point, across the road from the Gorge Walk.

Get up Close

  • Grab some rental binoculars for $10 from Fishes Cafe and happy whale watching!

How to book a bike and binoculars

Whale Watching Accommodation

Whale watching on Stradbroke Island is an experience that’s not to be missed. Located in between the waters of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Straddie Island offers the best look out points over Moreton Bay.

It is the coolest place in Brisbane to enjoy land-based whale watching and many of our properties have whale-watching towers that make the experience even more spectacular.

Which types of whales swim in the waters off Stradbroke Island?

In migration season, majestic humpback whales swing by South East Queensland on their 10,000km trek to the warm, tropical water up north. You can get a chance to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures between June and November so make sure to plan your visit for around that time period.

The beauty of whale watch on Stradbroke is that you don’t even have to take a tour to experience one of the greatest natural wonders on earth. You can book to stay at a whale watch resort on Stradbroke and sit on your balcony and appreciate the view from the comfort of your own accommodation.

What other wildlife can you expect to see?

Stradbroke Island really is a wildlife wonderland and you can expect to see all kinds of reptiles and land and marine mammals including wallabies, echidnas, koalas, kangaroos, turtles, tortoise, birds, dolphins and dugong.

Browse through our whale watch apartments in Stradbroke, choose one with a sea view terrace and you’ll get a chance to get up close and personal with the wildlife that also calls Straddie home.

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If you need more info on whale watch North Stradbroke accommodation for your next visit to this paradise island, be sure to get in touch with our team and we’d be happy to help you find the perfect property.

We have a portfolio of some of the most stunning properties that are excellently located for an amazing whale watching experience.

So whether you’re visiting with extended family and you need a 5-bedroomed luxury apartment to be comfortable in or it’s just you and your loved one looking for a cosy island cabin, we can help you out.

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Why Whale Watching?

Whales are among the most impressive marine mammals, yet few of us will ever observe a real life whale with the human eye in our lifetime. Sightings can be rare and the patterns and behaviours of whales can be unpredictable. Observing them feeding or travelling is a sight to truly behold. It is a rewarding experience, often one that is even overwhelming.

Appreciated across Australia as a whale watch resort Stradbroke island offers the perfect location for capturing a breath-taking sighting of a whale species. Most importantly, the array of whale watch apartments Stradbroke has to offer ensures that you can enjoy whale watching in an ethical manner.

Top Tips for Whale Watch Stradbroke Experiences

  1. Stay Back

The whale watch apartments in Stradbroke offer the ideal look out point to take in viewings of the whales in action from a safe distance away. Swimming and boating can disturb their presence and often deter them away from a specific space. You don’t want to disturb the whales or scare them. Stand back from the ideal viewing point at your apartment and admire their beauty.

  1. Limit Your Viewing Time

Mammals, just like humans, don’t enjoy people starting at them for long periods. Naturally, their appearance is so enthralling that it can be tempting to sit on your balcony for hours on end watching the whales in action.

However, it is advised to limit your viewing time to just 30 minutes so that the whales are not distracted. With your own whale watching apartment, you can have a comfortable whale watching view point to observe the whales whenever you like anyway.

  1. Be Patient

You will likely need to sit tight and wait for quite some time, even in peak whale watching season, before you can observe a whale. Don’t get frustrated, when a whale does emerge, the sighting is always worth the wait. Whale behaviours are consistently changing, especially if they are aware that they are being watched.

Take a seat from the view point of your very own whale watching apartment and enjoy breath-taking views as far as the eyes can see, glorious sunrises and sunsets and catch some rays as you wait to capture sight of a stunning whale.

  1. A Premier Viewing Point

The key to whale watching is to position yourself from a premier viewing point. When the rare moment strikes that a whale comes into view, you want to be positioned in a prime spot to take in the experience or capture a photograph. That may mean an early start and a hike, it may mean queuing for a viewing point space. However, with a whale-watching apartment in Stradbroke, you will get the best seat in the house.

If you are serious about a trip to whale watch North Stradbroke wide, your choice of accommodation is key. Set yourself with the perfect viewing point, where you can freely indulge in whale watching experience as you relax in one of the most beautiful apartments in all of Stradbroke.

Discover Stradbroke also offers whale watching apartments, pet friendly accommodation, Stradbroke Island holiday deals and Stradbroke Island beach resorts. We also provide Straddie sales and rentals and Stradbroke Island wedding accommodation. Plan your trip to North Stradbroke Island today!
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