Visit or Stay in Point Lookout

This small coastal town is an ideal holiday destination for travellers that want to enjoy a combination of activities here on Stradbroke Island. The locality on the eastern coast of North Stradbroke Island is nice and quiet with a local population of just 713 people. When you stay in this location, you are close to a variety of amenities and beaches, and you can pick and choose from a variety of fine holiday houses that you can book right here on our website.

Good Reasons to Stay At Point Lookout

Besides the fact that you can take unbelievable holiday photos, Point Lookout offers lots of great activities that you can enjoy without having to travel too far. Here is a quick look at the top reasons to choose Point Lookout for your stay at Stradbroke Island;

Beautiful accommodation – You can choose from a huge variety of beautiful holiday homes, resorts or units to rent for your stay. Luxury homes such as cottages, beach houses, and apartments are ideal for those that love to travel in style, but the area also has lots of budget-friendly accommodations to suit large families.
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Enjoy the North Gorge Walk – This activity is a must for your stay here. This walk takes you on a journey to the edge of the world with a beautiful sea view, and you get to explore the terrain and interesting vegetation of Stradbroke Island.

Visit Cylinder Beach – This beautiful and peaceful beach is close to most of our accommodations and is a real treat for those that love fine soft sand and peaceful waves.

Visit Manta Lodge and Scuba Centre – If you want to scuba dive, then this is a must for your trip. They offer diving trips 5 days a week and run snorkel trips on Sundays.

You can surf – Beaches such as Cylinder Beach are superb for surfing. And if you don’t know how to surf, then the North Stradbroke Island Surf School can teach you in a matter of hours.

Go on a 4WD Beach Safari – If you love to be spoiled, enjoy a day out and explore different sites, then this is the right safari to include in your trip.

Enjoy a Straddie Adventure – Go kayaking and get a taste of the Straddie culture with this water adventure.

Visit Brown Lake – This is a good picnic spot for those that want to enjoy quiet waters for swimming and splashing.

Visit Myora Springs Conservation Area – This beautiful spring is easily missed but worth a visit.

Visit Amity Point Beach – This beach is perfect for fishing off the jetty or for swimming although the waves are pretty low.

Watch sea life – Point lookout in QLD is the great spot for whale and dolphin watching in various locations such as Amity Point or Cylinder Beach.

Book Accommodation in Point Lookout Qld

Doplhins at Sunset Amity Point Accommodation
Decided that this is the right place for you to stay during your holiday? Then it is time for you to make a booking.

We have a wide range of accommodations available for small to large families, and we have budget to luxury homes to choose from. Search our website and book your stay directly online or give our offices a call so one of our agents can help you pick the right accommodations so you can have the best possible trip.

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