Welcome to Discover Stradbroke. We’re a full service real estate agency that’s located at Point Lookout. We’re passionate locals who want to make your stay on Straddie one that you’ll remember forever.

If you’re looking to stay at one of the best resorts on Stradbroke Island, we have lots of apartment options that you’ll love. Or, if you’d like something a bit more budget friendly without having to make too many compromises on the amenities and comfort level offered, we’d love the opportunity to find the perfect property for you. Whether you’re a busy mum who’d like to take your husband and kiddies on a relaxing island retreat or you’re an adventure seeker that needs a comfy space to chill out after a day of surfing, hiking and scuba diving, we’ll find the ideal solution so you can tick researching Stradbroke Island resorts off your list.

Prepare to be Wowed on Straddie

When you choose Discover Stradbroke, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful experience in one of the best accommodations on Straddie. Our properties have some of the best views on the island, and are kitted out with everything you need to make your time as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

Looking for a Stradbroke Island resort that offers ocean views?

With dazzling ocean views and all of the mod cons you’d expect from a resort, our apartments, beach houses and island cabins, you will love sitting back and taking in the beauty of your surroundings. Premium properties include whale watchtowers and magnificent views as far as the Gold Coast on clear days.

Family and Pet-Friendly Rooms

If you’d like to bring the kiddies and your family pet along for the trip, we do have properties that are pet-friendly with lots of outside space to run around. Some of our properties have plunge pools and are located within walking distance to some of the best beaches on the island including Deadmans, Frenchmans, and Cylinder Beach.

So whether you want to be close to the grocery store and Point Lookout’s cafés and shops or you’d prefer to get away from it all and stay somewhere that’s a bit more off the beaten track, you’ll find a wide range of options to choose from at Discover Stradbroke.

For more info on why we’re the most trusted name for those looking for a North or South Stradbroke island resort, get in touch with us today and we’d be happy to help.

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Stradbroke Island Resorts

When it comes to finding a great place to stay on Straddie, you’ll find that we have over 80 budget and luxury holiday properties spread including at Stradbroke Island resorts.

Whether you want to be close to all the whale watching action, you want to watch native Australian animals in their natural habitat, or you’d prefer to be close to the golf club and restaurants, we’ll have a property to suit you, as we have properties in several resorts Stradbroke Island-wide.

Stay close to the golf club at a North Stradbroke Island resort

If you fancy trying your luck on the 9 holes of the North Stradbroke Island Golf Club, you’ll get to test your skills amidst the natural setting of the Straddie flora and fauna.

Expect to see kangaroos, koalas and a host of bird life as you tackle the Par 70 – 9 hole & 18 tee, grass greens and fairways, before relaxing on the terrace while you take in the views across Brown Lake, Moreton Bay and the Glasshouse Mountains.

It’s a great place to sample a cold beer, and they also cater for the kids with games of putt putt. And even if you’re not staying close by in a property in a North Stradbroke resort, it’s still easily accessible from all the holiday accommodation in the resorts on Stradbroke Island.

Play in the surf or try stand-up paddle boarding in North Stradbroke

Possibly Brisbane’s best kept secret, the roaring surf breaks and peaceful, calm waterways are a great place to get on your surf and paddle boards.

We offer plenty of budget and luxury holiday houses close to the action, so you can enjoy everything that the water has to offer.

Of course, Straddie has a reputation for its beautiful beaches, but don’t forget about the freshwater lakes too, such as Blue Lake or Karboora, the ‘deep silent pool’ and Brown Lake or Lake Bummeria, both of which are areas of special cultural significance for Quandamooka people.

Sample the food at every Stradbroke Island Resort

It seems that every Stradbroke Island Resort boasts some kind of delicious eatery located at or nearby. Whether it’s the famous Whales Way restaurant in Pandanus Palms Resort on the hill at Point Lookout, with its menu of quality seafood or the fresh, local award-winning seafood at the aptly named Prawn Shack, you’ll find seafood in abundance here on Straddie.

However, there are plenty of other cuisines to choose from with restaurants and cafés offering everything from freshly prepared pizza to tapas, not to mention delicious home-made Italian gelata and freshly-baked pastries and cakes.

Discover Stradbroke also offers whale watching apartments, pet friendly accommodation, Stradbroke Island holiday deals and Stradbroke Island beach resorts. We also provide Straddie sales and rentals and Stradbroke Island wedding accommodation. Plan your trip to North Stradbroke Island today!
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