Welcome to Discover Stradbroke; the most trusted name on Stradbroke Island for Straddie sales and rentals. We’re a full service real estate agency that knows the island’s property market inside out.

Colin Battersby first visited Straddie in the mid-seventies and, after 15 years in the tourism environment of Thredbo, he moved to the island permanently in 2006.

Colin heads our team and together we’ve built up a portfolio of over 80 rental properties under management and we’ve achieved outstanding sales results.

We’ve got the skills and the experience to help our clients find the perfect Straddie rentals for their needs and we offer a holiday letting and management service for private owners and third party managers of privately owned investment property

Giving Clients the Best Choice of Holiday Rentals Stradbroke Island has to Offer

Our Stradbroke Island holiday rental portfolio features some of the most stunning beach houses, cabins and luxury apartments on the entire north and south island. From whale watching towers and plunge pools to fully-equipped kitchens and comfortable living areas, you’ll find all of the amenities and touches of luxury that you’re looking for.

Why choose Discover Stradbroke For Your Next Straddie Sales & Rentals?

We’ve an impressive collection of Straddie holiday rentals for our guests to choose from. Just tell us how many people will be in your group and what kind of facilities you’d like to have and we’ll do the rest. Our team can create a customised holiday package just for you and your group.

We’re a customer driven team with a focus on providing the best possible service to our clients so you know you’ll have a great time when you book with Discover.

Property Management or Sales & Rentals Services on Stradbroke Island

If you have holiday rental property on Stradbroke Island that needs to be managed, we will ensure that your investment is maintained to an optimal level and that your guests are kept 100% satisfied with your property.

Work with Discover Stradbroke and we’ll utilise a real time booking management system to streamline the entire process for you. You’ll be able to keep up to date on upcoming bookings and availability, and you’ll have the peace of mind that your property and your guests are looked after to the highest standards.

We can also help with real estate sales and marketing exposure for your property.

Need more info? Get In Touch!

If you’d like more info on any of our services or you’d like to hear more about Stradbroke Island’s hotels and apartments, feel free to reach out to us today as we’d be delighted to help.

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Holidaying With the Best Straddie Sales & Rentals Company

Straddie is the holiday destination of your dreams and one you will be inclined to visit again and again. People who stay in Straddie holiday rentals and those staying in Stradbroke island hotel apartments quickly turn into Straddie property buyers from our experience. One holiday to Straddie leaves you wanting more.

Such is the love and adoration of visitors for the island that they wish to make North Stradbroke their recurring holiday destination by purchasing their own holiday home in the area.

Whether you intend on making your first visit to Straddie or wish to invest in a permanent holiday home on the island, as the premier sales and rental agency, Discover Stradbroke should be your first port of call for Straddie sales and rentals.

What does the premier sales and rentals agency in Stradbroke offer?

Exclusive Access To The Best Straddie Rentals

As one of the most respected holiday home rental agencies on Stradbroke island, we are always granted exclusive access to the best rental properties. When Stradbroke island property owners are looking to let their property, we are always the first agency they call.

We are consistently striving to expand our portfolio of properties so that we can continue to offer the best array of holiday home lets, no matter your intended length of stay or your budget.

From hotel apartments to beach houses, pet friendly guesthouses to the most impressive budget holiday rentals Stradbroke island has to offer, you know when you come to Discover Stradbroke that we will serve an array of high quality Stradbroke island holiday rental properties to whet your appetite.

Those wish to let out a property come to us, those who wish to let a property come to us.

Instant Sales for Property Sellers, Instant Access to Dream Properties for Buyers

Selling your Straddie property? We have buyers ready and waiting to purchase your beach house, apartment or villa at best market price.

Our buyers have already been pre-approved by our team, they aren’t messing about, they are ready to invest in a property on the island of their dreams. If you are serious about selling any holiday rental Stradbroke island wide, our team can match you with an instant buyer.

Looking to investment in a holiday home on Stradbroke island? When Straddie property owners are thinking about selling their property, they come directly to us. We get first access to the best properties for sales in Stradbroke island all of the time, properties that you will never see for sale online.

If you want to snap up your dream beach house, a whale watching apartment, a budget holiday rental or luxury villa on Stradbroke island, we can immediately serve up an array of property options to meet your needs and budget.

We’re Invested in the Island

We’re not some main land agency letting and selling properties on an island we know little about or have rarely visited if at all.

We are residents of the island, invested in the communities, on first name terms with many of the property owners and directly managing many properties on the island.

Discover Stradbroke also offers   whale watching apartments  pet friendly accommodationStradbroke Island holiday deals  &  Stradbroke Island beach resorts. We also provide  Straddie sales and rentals  &  Stradbroke Island wedding accommodation. Plan your trip to  North Stradbroke Island today!
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